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Technology Class
Climbing gear for hiking on rustic woode
Game Character Creation

Good Imagination and a pile of junk: Makerspaces revealed

Outdoor Tech: The Digital Naturalist

Tell Me a "Digital" Story (Sway and PowerPoint Online)

Upload Products to this Padlet

Paper Boats in the Clouds

Collaboration in the Cloud

Volunteers Packing Food
Film Set
Image by Clifford Photography

Introduction to Microsoft Teams

Develop Creative Agency Through Film



Discovering Treasure in Office 365

How to



Video Clip

Teacher Resources

Remote Resources for Teaching Online (Updated 3/24/21)

Teacher Writing a Formula on a Blackboar

Google Jamboard, Hyperdocs and Remote Resources


Use Hyperdocs to Take Remote Teaching to the Next Level

Image by Teemu Paananen

Encourage Students’ Imaginations with Sway in Office 365

Fog and Nature

Nature Activities with a Smart Device

Image by Dave Hoefler

Nature Activity Project slides

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